COVID 19 Notice - 02/10/2021:

In an effort to keep our patients informed HENNESSEY OBGYN issues the following statement:


Recuperating from major surgery, Sydney Howk, CNM has been admitted to the hospital after contracting COVID-19.  Surgery and recovery can potentially exacerbate COVID-19.  Hennessey OBGYN has reached out to those patients and staff who may have been in contact with Ms. Howk on the dates of February 1, 2021 and February 3, 2021.  Specific guidance and information were provided.


COVID -19 precautions are well established in the clinic making the risk of transmission exceedingly low.  No other members of the Hennessey OBGYN staff have tested positive for COVID-19 or have shown COVID – 19 symptoms:  Fever > 100.4, upper respiratory ( pulmonary or nasal ) symptoms, gastrointestinal ( abdominal ) symptoms, muscle aches or tiredness.  Please refer to further information and the latest COVID-19 guidelines.


Dr. Hennessey and the Hennessey OBGYN staff realize this is concerning and anxiety provoking for our patients.  Please be assured, we stand available to assist you in preserving your health.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Sydney and her precious family and we wish her a full recovery and a rapid return.



Michael H. Hennessey, M.D.

COVID 19 Notice - 03/23/2020:
Per our providers, ALL patients will be required to wait in their cars and will be called to come up for their appointments.

Patients of Hennessey OBGYN,

As COVID-19 continues to become a larger domestic concern, we at Hennessey OBGYN are reaching out to again provide information regarding our office services for the coming weeks. As a precautionary measure we ask that any individual who is exhibiting symptoms or, who has traveled outside the country in the past 3 months and is now presenting symptoms to please call the office at 850-243-2229 before coming in. The symptoms we are most concerned for are as follows:


  • A fever of at 100.4° F

  • Persistent Cough

  • Labored Breathing


Again, we ask that if you or a loved one is exhibiting these symptoms please call the office first before coming in. Moving forward, we understand that many of our patients have children and with schools being closed for the coming weeks we understand that the next request is a significant inconvenience: PLEASE DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO THE OFFICE IF ABLE. We want to mitigate the possibility of exposure to all patients of Hennessey OBGYN. If you are unable to leave your children at home, please bring someone to sit with them in the car. This is a significant inconvenience but please help us help our community by mitigating the possibility of exposure. Testing kits will be made available to existing patients however, we ask again that you call the office ahead of time and when you arrive remain in your vehicle and we will come to you to obtain the needed swabs and information.  


Also, the office will be putting in place changes to the schedule to help mitigate the potential for exposure. We are asking our patients who are 65 years and older and scheduled in the next 3 weeks to call and reschedule their appointments to a later time in 2020. In addition, we are going to be providing televisits to our routine Postpartum patients however, if you underwent a C-Section we will still need to see you in the office. 

  • All elective surgeries are being cancelled for the next month to month and a half.

  • All scheduled patients will receive a phone call if they are scheduled for an elective procedure through the end of April.

  • We will proceed with rescheduling pre-operative appointments and surgeries when a clearer look of the future is available.

  • Tuesday schedule has changed for the month of April. Patients will be seen from 8:00 am - 11:15 am.


We thank you for taking the time to read this notice and for taking the current situation seriously. Hennessey OBGYN is committed to providing quality medical care despite national fears of the COVID 19 pandemic. If you have any questions please call the office at 850-243-2229 ext 1 or, email us at As more information becomes available we will post updates to the website and our Facebook page.



Hennessey OBGYN