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BioTE Medical

BioTE Medical

BioTe, in conjunction with a certified practitioner, can provide a new and comprehensive treatment for patients who present symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, low libido, hair loss, irritability, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleeplessness, and memory loss. The goal is to be able to actively manage these symptoms without having to prescribe numerous prescription medications only bio identical testosterone and estradiol. The procedure consists of an initial consult to review current blood work and then, if the patient elects, the insertion of hormone pellets into the patients glute. The ‘pellets’ are specially compounded in 503B Compounding Pharmacies which are highly regulated by the FDA.  Each shipment of estradiol or testosterone is carefully monitored for quality and purity. In fact, if there is more than 3% variation in pellet composition they are not shipped. This is in stark contrast to other medications that could have a variation +/- 10%. Once inserted, the pellets are slowly absorbed by the patient’s body thus ensuring gradual uptake as opposed to large fluctuations in medication absorption or even, the lack of absorption that is usually associated with hormone creams or gels.  We will recommend the use of Nutraceutical products to aid in the management. The procedure is done in an in-office setting and is repeated three times annually for women and twice a year for males. The cost of the procedure does vary between males and females and is not applicable to insurance. However, research has shown that the cost of BioTe HRT is equivalent to the cost of medication for a patient using gels, creams, injections, or prescriptions over a 1 year period.

Dr. Michael Hennessey is now a certified practitioner with BioTe. Personally, he feels that by including this service he can better manage patients who are actively receiving hormone replacement therapies while also, opening accessibility to patients that are interested in the benefits of HRT but have not yet received treatment.  It is our hope that our community at least looks at the potential benefit of HRT through BioTe, knowing that a locally established and highly trusted physician like Dr. Michael Hennessey will be providing and actively monitoring the treatments success and the ongoing wellbeing of his patients. Please take the Wellness Quiz from BioTe Medical to see if bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

The Pellets

We will only use testosterone and estradiol compounded by one of two 503B Compounding Pharmacies that partner with BioTe. They come in varying dosages and are minimal in physical size.  BioTe takes pellet quality very seriously. If there is greater than 3% variation in any batch it will not be shipped, therefore, we can ensure 97-100% purity.


These products are intended to be used in conjunction with inserted testosterone and/or estradiol pellets and may be a required addition to any BioTe treatment plan. These products are supplements that aid in the metabolism of the hormone pellet, maintenance of optimal hormone levels, and for the overall benefit of the patient. Please look below to see what Nutraceuticals we will offer, their intended use in relation to treatment, and finally, cost to the patient.

Nutraceuticals - BioTE Cost Sheet & Uses 

Patient Testimonials

We have provided several patient testimonials that may help you, as the patient, understand the potential benefits of HRT through BioTe. If you have any questions regarding this treatment please call our office at 850-243-2229. And, please let us know if we can use your experience to better inform other patients.  

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